Hot Water System Installation & Repair

Hot water systems are generally quite reliable, however they do occasionally have problems. Officer Roofing and Plumbing has many years experience in maintaining and installing hot water systems.  Common problems seen in hot water systems include:


  - No hot water

  - Not enough hot water

  - Water is too hot

  - Rust coloured water

  - Hot water has a bad smell

  - Water leaking around the base of the heater

  - Noises coming from the hot water sytem


Officer Roofing and Plumbing can diagnose the problem with your hot water system and discuss with you the most cost effective solution in getting the problem fixed.  We have the experience and equipment necessary to make your hot water system installation quick and easy.



Our hot water system services include:


  - Hot water system replacement

  - Hot water system installation

  - Hot water system repair

  - Hot water system maintenance


Common hot water heater brands include:

  - Aquamax hot water system

  - Bosch hot water system

  - Chromagen hot water system

  - Dux hot water system

  - Rheem hot water system

  - Rinnai hot water system

  - Saxon hot water system

  - Stiebel Eltron hot water system

  - Vulcan hot water system

  - Wilson hot water system


Each of these hot water system bands have their own unique characteritics such as energy ratings, how they heat water, warranties etc.  We would be happy to provide a recommendation on which is the best unit for your needs.


Need help installing a new hot water system or repair hot water system? Contact us today!